Yarn of the month - March


This month the yarn of the month is British Corriedale.  The Corriedale is a cross breed sheep combining the fine fibre of the Merino Fleece with the long locks of the Lincoln Longwool.  This creates a quality dense fleece that works extremely well when it is spun into bulky, Chunky and Aran weights.


The Corriedale is also an all round sheep, producing both meat and wool crops for farmers making the flock a good overall investment. The female lambs make a good addition to the flock and the males can also fetch a high price on the meat market.


Corriedales have a sturdy body type and suit most climate conditions but unfortunately not the poor grazing and steep slopes of the Highlands.  Although they can be found in other parts of the UK most of the 'British' Corriedale is from the Falkland Islands where they are one of the main sheep breeds.  


Our Corriedale Chunky has been dyed using sustainable dye materials from the Cafe Collection.  The Cafe is closed during the deep Winter months so these materials are stored in my freezer to keep fresh and keep my business going over the quieter months. 


The plus side of the off-season is that I get to be a bit more experimental and playful with my dyeing.  So this month I have used the Corriedale to combine two staples Earth and Straw from the Cafe Collection into one skein.  The resulting colours are beautifully deep rustic tones that are the perfect partner to the chunky yarn.


Each skein is 100g / 100m of yarn.



Yarn of the month - March

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