Yarn of the month - February


This month my choice for yarn of the month is a throwback to my first experiments in dyeing.  As a teenager I loved to tie dye and I've still got one of my very first t-shirts.  I love the light and shade tide effects of tie dye and I've been wanting to recreate this in the yarn for some time.


The Winter months at Loch Ness are pretty quiet with few face to face visitors.  So this is my time for researching, developing and experimenting.  Unfortunately the Cafe is closed for the Winter and the Woodland is bare of materials until Spring thaws out and gets going.  So I'm relying on my freezer stock of materials from last season for the dye materials.  It would be so easy to throw all of these materials in the waste but instead they sit in my freezer or I dry them out for my store cupboard until I'm ready to work.  


So this month I've been working with the Winter Blues and I've been using these sock blanks.  The sock blanks are 100g of 4ply Merino yarn and they DO contain the supportive Nylon thread.  I emphasise this because normally I do not use that kind of 4ply.  Each sock blank has 400m of the 4ply yarn and has been hand dyed by me.


The blue dye has been modified to create variagated tones of light and dark blue throughout the blanks and I've no doubt they will work up beautifully.


There are 2 colour options to choose from.

Depths of Loch Nese - dark blue

Ice - pale blue

Yarn of the month - February

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