Size - Small fits 16" 

This hat is handmade using merino yarn that is naturally dyed using yarn from the Loch Ness Knitting Cafe and Woodland Collections.  Our mission is to divert waste into beautiful colours and help promote a sustainable Loch Ness visit.


The hats are made using test skeins from dyeing, these are the mini skeins that go into a new dye pot to test the colour before the main batch of yarn is added. 


The hats are also made from the end skeins, these skeins are dyed using the 3rd and 4th exhaust of dye, a point at which many other dyers discard the dye as waste.  At Loch Ness Knitting I keep going until every drop of dye is used!


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Pink and Cream mix Zero Waste Handmade merino beanie hat


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