This naturally hand dyed Pale Pink  yarn is your opportunity to purchase a special skein of this locally sourced product.  This yarn has been hand dyed using materials from the Woodland Collection, a set of hand gathered local materials collected from Loch Ness woodlands.


These skeins are beautifully spun up by the Halifax Mill to a DK weight and around 200m per 100g.  


These skeins have a looser softer ply than the Shetland/Cheviot skeins and would be perfect for item worn next to the skin or draping shawl projects.


Here are more details of the time and work that has gone into creating this yarn.


  • 100% British wool sourced from within 12 miles of the Loch Ness Knitting base in Drumnadrochit.
  • Shetland refers to the cross breed of sheep not a blend of fibres. 
  • This yarn is straight off the sheep 100% pure with nothing added.
  • Raw fleece hand picked clean and prepared for spinning by me.
  • Fleece transported to and expertly spun up by The Halifax Mill.
  • This yarn hasn't left the UK!
  • Collection of raw and natural dye materials, this includes traditional natural dyes as well as food waste from local cafes or woodland waste ie invasive plants
  • Processing raw materials, cutting, stripping, soaking and cleaning
  • Preparation of raw materials into dye
  • Preparation of yarn for dyeing, known as mordanting
  • Dyeing – hand dyed in small batches using a variety of slow, sustainable and traditional methods taking hours, days or weeks, such as fermentation
  • Natural drying<