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This beautiful yarn is the from the Woodland Collection. I work with the local volunteer group and the Woodland Trust to collect materials from local Loch Ness woodlands and make them into natural dyes.  The focus is on finding a positive colourful use for invasive and non-native species that cause problems in the woodlands.  Materials change throughout the year so each season brings a new range of beautiful colours.


This beautiful yarn is the from the regular Woodland Collection and my work with our local woodland group.

This yarn has been dyed with Lichen that has been collected, with permission, in the gardens and woodlands around Loch Ness.  The Lichen has been soaked for a period of many months before being applied to the yarn.  Although difficult, rare and time consuming to make Lichen dye has a reputation for being a stable and long lasting dye with less fade over time than other natural sources.


Each 100g skein is 400m of a warm pink brown with subtle tonal variations throughout the skein.


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4ply is the equivalent of Fingering weight (sock) yarn with 14wpi and a gauge of 28sts.

Fawn 4ply Merino - Woodland Collection