The Donate A Skein option is linked to my tiered Pay What You Can pricing structure for subscribers.


The Pay What You Can approach supports makers experiencing financial hardship to choose a price point that is comfortable for them.  It is only available to subscribers, to allow you to consider the background story and process behind the yarn when considering your price point.


Sustainability is a choice that we all support by choosing this yarn, and it would be heart breaking if any maker was forced to compromise that choice due to temporary financial hardship.   


Helping others to keep making also has benefits far beyond the practicalities of a warm hat or scarf to wear. Making is an intergral part of expressing love to our friends and families, as well as our own self care and mental wellbeing.


In response to the PWYC announcment customers asked if there was a way that they could top-up their yarn purchases and contribute towards helping others.  I'm so proud of our crafting community for responding with such generosity and compassion, and I'm delighted to offer this flexible Donate A Skein option.


Simply add whichever donation point suits your budget to your purchase.  


Your contribution will be used to balance out the overall pot and help to ensure that I can continue my sustainable yarn dyeing process and continue to offer this flexible pricing option for as long as it is needed.


If you'd like to donate towards the long term development of my sustainable dyeing I also have a Go Fund Me set up specifically for my transistion to an Off Grid set up.


Thank you for your support.




Loch Ness Knitting


Donate A Skein


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