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Yarn of the month - November 2019


This month yarn is an Autumn themed mix of bright yellows, faded oranges and mixed browns to resemble to woodland floor at this time of year. As the leaves are tumbling from the trees I'm busy setting up the dye pots for the long soak of Winter materials.  


This month I've wound the dyed skeins in giant balls and each one is 200g.  They are also perfect for felting projects.


The yarn is a British origin Super Chunky Shetland Breed and gives 130m for each 200g skein.


The Shetland breed is a lovely small sheep originating from the islands of Shetland.  The yarn is excellent quality but the sheep were also selectively bred for character.  This is because during the harshest Winter weather animals would oftern be brought into the Croft, to protect them from rought seas and storms.  Inside the Croft house, still shared with humans, they would contribute to the overall heat.  Their compact size was useful for handling but more so the sociable and friendly character.  If you plan on bringing a sheep inside its always best to pick a friendly sheep!



Autumn Colours Shetland Super Chunky- Yarn of the month November